Companies Segmentation



ABIROCHAS is initiating a study aimed at the segmentation of companies according to their export maturity and competence to serve a more demanding market with products of higher added value.
In the agenda of Apex-Brasil, the segmentation of companies participating in sectoral projects can be contextualized as a process of grouping the companies under one or more criteria so that it responds objectively to their support needs. This mechanism should be simple and practical, allowing the mobility of companies between different levels of segmentation – as long as this movement makes sense in its strategy – and represents for the company a path of evolution toward higher levels of competitiveness.
The segmentation of companies represents an important mechanism for the project to respond well to the main demands of its target audience – the participating companies – through its action plan. Less advanced companies in the internationalization process have different support needs from the more experienced, and sector projects need to make this distinction so that their promotion actions respond to the interests of each of their segments in order to produce effective generation results indicators of business.
For Apex-Brasil, the segmentation of companies is part of an equation that, ultimately, analyses the return on investment that is made in sectoral projects. By making the project more responsive to the interests of participating companies, Apex-Brasil expects that they will be well served in their needs to support internationalization, increase their chances of success in the development of international business and, consequently, contribute to the indicators of the results of the agency in relation to the generation of international business.
(Source: Apex-Brasil. Segmentação de Empresas nos Projetos Setoriais. 2014)