Founded in January 1998, ABIROCHAS is the national representative entity for the dimension stone industry. All the companies established in Brazilian territory with activities mainly related to dimension stones are permanent members of ABIROCHAS. All the unions and associations that represent these companies are its founding members. ABIROCHAS was the first Brazilian organization accredited to take part in the export promotion programs developed by Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency). The first Apex-Brasil/ABIROCHAS agreement was signed in 1999, when Brazilian dimension stone exports totalled US$200 million and only 50% of this total was in processed products. In 2014, Brazilian dimension stone exports came to US$1.28 billion, with 80% of income referring to finished and semi-finished products, with higher value added. ABIROCHAS performs the work of political and institutional representation and defense of its segment’s interests, both nationally and internationally. Additionally, the Association offers systematic research of follow up of production, exports, imports and domestic consumption of dimension stones, promoting this information in its site www.abirochas.com.br. ABIROCHAS has made possible the elaboration of the paper “Ornamental Stones in the 21st Century”, the first “Brazilian Dimension Stone Catalogue” and the “Stone Covering Application Guide”, all very useful to builders, estimators, researchers and opinion formers. Also, it continuously participates as a protagonist in debates and discussions about topics of interest of the sector, such as obtaining ex-tariff benefits, Brazilian qualification in the GSP (Generalized System of Preferences in the United States), concession of drawback, elaboration of technical standards, interventions in issues relative to mining, environmental and tax laws, among others. No less important, the implementation and conclusion of the branding project for dimension stones can be mentioned. Through the brand “Brasil Original Stones”, ABIROCHAS is redirecting the concepts of presentation and promotion of our materials and commercial products in foreign markets. ABIROCHAS is also developing the “Brazilian Dimension Stone Industry Competition Study”, with which it intends to achieve a new level of comprehension and capacity of orientation for sector policies of development, aligning scenarios of constant technical and economic changes. Recently, ABIROCHAS fulfilled the entity’s biggest aspiration: the purchase of its own headquarters in Brasília. This will allow greater proximity and dialogue with federal agencies and those with representation in the capital city of the Federal District, as well as with executive and legislative authorities. The new headquarters will also constitute a support point for businesspersons in the stones sector, with a view towards business meetings in Brasília.