Brazilian Stones Original Design 2019

During the Vitoria Stone Fair 2019, through the Brasil Original Stones project, ABIROCHAS, in partnership with Apex-Brasil holds the 2nd edition of the “Brazilian Stones Original Design” , bringing a new selection of furniture and objects produced with stone, therefore highlighting all the versatility of materials. The exhibition will be curated by the architect Vivian Coser, who is in charge of selecting pieces of designers from all over the worldh, with the goal of enhancing the use of ornamental stones and allowing the business sector to achieve greater added value. In this edition were presented exclusive pieces of Andrea Macruz, Beth Jobim , Cláudia Moreira Salles, dCap Design, estudiobola, Fernanda Marques, Hilal Sami Hilal, Jader Almeida, Jahara Studio Brazil, Konsepta, Luciano Dalla Marta, Luciano Santelli, Ludson Zampirolli, Noemi Saga Atelier, Noemi Saga Atelier, Ricardo Freisleben, Rodrigo Ohtake, Ronald Sasson and Studio Sette7. The stones were provided by the companies Cajugram, Corcovado/Brasigran, Dapaz, Granduvale, Granos, Guidoni, Magban, Marbrasa, Margramar, Qualitá Group and Quartzblue.