Brasil Original Stones

In a world of copies and replicas, Brasil Original Stones enables people to live with the uniqueness and beauty that only nature can provide.

Brazil is a country blessed by nature. Its beaches, rivers and forests form an array of fantastic landscapes, and also provide the setting for warm, joyful and colourful people. Now everyone who wants to add an exclusive Brazilian product to their home or workplace can do so, knowing that the country has some of the most wonderful ornamental stones in the world.

Rio de Janeiro, Espírito Santo, Bahia, Minas Gerais, Ceará and other states supply Brazil´s marvellous granites, quartzite and other types of rocks.

Attracted by the exotic, in search of authenticity, and looking to express their individuality, when people build and decorate their homes they do not want reproductions when they can have the originals. They wish to differentiate themselves from mass production and develop their own lifestyles and tastes.  

Brasil Original Stones do not leave a factory that supplies thousands of identical parts. Each creation is unique, and therein lies its great value: you have contact with beauty, formed naturally over hundreds of thousands of years, which can become part of your life today. Like a family, each with its own exclusive qualities, every piece of ornamental stone is different. Timeless and classic: a true gift from nature.

Brasil Original Stones are sure to attract people who love diamonds, rubies, emeralds and other precious stones. When reflecting on their beauty, they will wish to take them home, into their lives, as part of their daily surroundings. The value of stone is not only a function of its practical use for construction: people recognise its genuine, intrinsic value as a natural work of art.

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